When do snake and spike start dating

Willow, sad and lonely without Tara, figures out a way to turn the metamorphosed Amy from a rat back into human.

Feeling newly liberated, they decide to go out and have some fun.

Meanwhile, Emma lies to Manny and says she isn't going to meet Jordan. After a few minutes in the hotel room, Emma realizes there is no Jordan after all... Being in Grade 7 is tough, especially when Spinner is on a power trip.

The series is filmed at Epitome's studios in Toronto, Ontario, rather than on the real De Grassi Street from which the franchise takes its name.Meanwhile, Emma (Spike's daughter) is getting ready to enter Grade 7. They seem perfect for each other, especially because they both care about the environment.Jordan wants to meet Emma, and after a talk with Caitlin, Emma agrees to meet him the next day.In 2004, one episode received just under a million viewers in Canada, and over half a million viewers in the US.The series has won numerous awards, from the Geminis, Writers Guild of Canada and Directors Guild of Canada, and internationally from the Teen Choice Awards, Young Artist Awards, and Prix Jeunesse. During the ninth season in 2010, the series moved to Much Music.Willow is beginning to have a taste of her real power and she likes it.


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